Conditions of Use

                                                        TERMS OF USE AND CONDITIONS RULES AND TERMS OF SERVICES OF DIOTEMAVILLAS.COM

1. General

1.1 Read carefully the following terms and conditions of use as they are legally binding after the agreement between Diotema villas and you, as a counterparty, specifying the rights and obligations of each party.

1.2 The diotema villas, which is also referred as "us"  or "our company", owns and manages the website, the application, all subdomains, the content, the structure of these pages, information about our company and our services as well as the booking service offered on this website. The Terms of Service describe the rights and obligations of a user / visitor / customer that will also be referred to as "visitor" or "you" or "accountable for booking" or "customer" in relation to the use of the site.

1.3 By navigating and using the website or by making a reservation, you acknowledge that you have read, understood and agree to the terms and conditions set out below. applies high ethical standards and respects the protection of your personal data. Except as required by law to any relevant authority or service and the disclosure of your name, your e-mail address and your telephone to complete your booking at the villa of your choice, your personal information will not be disclosed to others without your consent. Certain terms used in this policy but not defined have the meaning set in the GDPR, which also includes additional details on the collection and use of information at Please read our Privacy Policy for more information.

2. Copyright

The content (texts, logo, graphics, images, sounds, links, page software, photos, etc.) of the website is owned by the company. According to the copyright law, the use, republishing, display or commercial use of the site content is prohibited.

3. General notice

Diotema villas strives to ensure that the content is accurate and reliable. However, agents and diotema villas are not infallible and may cause errors, omissions, changes including price. The Company reserves the right to change or withdraw any part or section of the Website Content without notice.

In no case our company is liable for any indirect, specific, incidental or consequential damage (including, without limitation, compensation for loss of profits, shutdowns and loss of information) arising from the use or inability to use the content, even if our company has informed of the possibility of such losses.

We also note that the information on benefits and prices displayed on our site may have changed until you reach your holiday destination. Please check all details prior to your departure. We try to ensure the validity of the information but unfortunately changes are made or errors are not excluded.

4. Transfers - Trademark - Liability of links

We have not reviewed all the sites linked to our site and we are not responsible for the content of any such linked website. The inclusion of any link does not imply endorsement of the site by diotema villas. The use of any such linked site is responsibility of the user.

They may have terms of use that are different from those set forth herein or may contain additional terms. Your access to such linked sites through links provided on this site is governed by the terms and policies of these sites and not by this site. Refer to the terms and conditions of linked sites policies when using such links to text, images, illustrations, sound clips, and video clips. The copyrights, trademarks, service marks and / or other rights, which are protected by the copyright law, are owned and controlled by diotema villas or its collaborators who have authorized the distribution of the products and / or their services at

The Company reserves the right to refuse access, in her judgment, to anyone for any reason, including the breach of these terms. Trademarks, service marks or copyrighted content displayed on this site, including any logos or characters, is not allowed be used on a website without the written consent of the trademark owner or the copyright holder. It is not allowed to frame or integrate into any other site any of the content of this site without the prior written consent of

5. Dispute resolution

 Our aim and purpose is the satisfaction of our customers. In case any dispute between you and our company arises and is impossible to be resolved by our Customer Services but it is necessary to be resolved legally, we notify that the applicable law is the Greek Law and competent court for litigation are the Courts of Ioannina.

6. E-newsletters

Our site is in position to inform you about services, offers, opportunities etc. with email. You will receive these updates only with your subscription to our site. If you decide that you do not want to receive such newsletters, you may choose not to accept them at any time.


7.1 Our Services

7.1.1 On this website the prospective client can enter into a short-term rent contract with our company under the following terms and conditions.  7.1.2 Our services are available for personal use exclusively and not for commercial use. For this reason, you do not have the right to resell, link, use, copy, monitor, download or reproduce any content of platform, software, products or services available on our site for any commercial or competitive activity or purpose.

7.2 Reservation Terms

7.2.1 You can make a reservation online on the official booking site or by telephone or by email. The  'responsible for booking' customer must be over 18 years old at the time of booking and is responsible for  the correct completion of the necessary information (arrival and departure dates, accommodation selection, number of persons, names, ages and additional benefits), for all the booking procedures as well as the payment. The 'responsible for booking' is responsible for all the persons mentioned in the booking during their accomodation in the villas. Diotema villas is not responsible for the errors of the client that are not corrected on time. The contract is binding and is going to be effective as soon as any payment is received.

7.2.2 Our service is provided free of charge. We do not charge you extra booking costs at the price of the villa.

7.2.3 The booking is deemed to be carried out when you receive a booking confirmation by e-mail or by postal means with the terms of the contract.

7.2.4 Please read the booking confirmation carefully and contact with diotema villas immediately in case of incorrect or incomplete information. Our company is not obliged to correct any errors or omissions that have been reported after 24 hours from the receiving of the confirmation.

7.2.5 The booking, costs of arrival and departure as well as the responsibility for carrying all the necessary travel documents (valid passports, visas, etc.) are of your solely responsibility. Please note that it is important to pay attention to the routes and availability of sea, air and land means.

7.2.6 If you have any specific requirements or requirements regarding the villa, location or facilities you should contact us (E-Mail or by telephone) before booking.

7.2.7 Only the persons mentioned in the booking confirmation can use the property. The maximum capacity of our villas is clearly stated on the website for each property. The number of guests staying overnight in the villa may not exceed the number of beds available on the site. If the number of guests exceeds the maximum occupancy, we reserve the right to require all guests to leave the villa immediately. You will also be deemed to have terminated the contract, you will not receive a refund, and you will be responsible for any costs incurred as a result of your conduct or that of the persons who were with you.

7.2.8 The villa may only be used for leisure and not for other purposes such as photography, filming, banquets, meetings, seminars, TV shows, etc. unless there is a written agreement between diotema villas and you. If you make improper use of the property, we reserve the right to demand all guests to leave the property immediately.

7.2.9 The interior and exterior photos and downloads of homes displayed for rent on our site reflect their current condition and aesthetics.

7.2.10 The services provided are specified in the booking form. Should the customer request additional services during his/her stay, they will be provided after the corresponding cost has been paid in advance. 

-The diotema villas strives to satisfy every need, to facilitate and make your stay as enjoyable as possible. For this reason, if there are any specific requests for additional services, you must notify us in advance.

-We cannot guarantee the fulfillment of specific requirements.

7.2.11 Some houses or villas may have external cameras for security reasons. Any use of the recorded material in principle is not permitted except for the competent authorities (eg Police, Courts) in the event of an incident.

8. Payment - Advance - Redemption

8.1 Payment

Payment is made by transferring to the company's bank or by credit-debit card and you will be charged as a booking liable for any additional charges (see website instructions).
The prices on our site are in Euro.
VAT is included in the amount and all municipal taxes.
Price modifications may only be made by written agreement of both parties. This can happen in the event of an extraordinary tax or levy on the lease or the imposition of additional VAT.
The following terms are for a valid booking:
When you make a booking, you must pay in advance 40% of the total amount. 
The rest 60% of the charge must be paid 120 days before the arrival date and the cost for extra benefits must be paid in advance.
The mount of 300 euros is charged at the arrival for guarantee.
If you book less than 6 weeks, you will be charged 100% of the amount.
If we do not receive 100% of the amount on time, we reserve the right to deem your reservation non valid which consequent the application of paragraph. 

8.2 Cancellation 8.2 Cancellation / Modification / Changes 

If the liable for booking decide to cancel the booking agreement, the cancellation must be in writing and will apply to all parties. Cancellation will be effective if it is confirmed by diotema villas in writing. Specifically, the following terms apply:


- If the cancellation is done within 14 days from booking date and 120 days prior to arrival date, you will get a refund of the whole amount of deposit or total if prepayment has been made. 

- If the cancellation is done 90 days prior to arrival date,  you will  get a refund of the 50% of the total amount - If the cancellation is done in less than 89 days, you will get no refund.  

- Charges are not refundable in case of non-show or non-cancellation.


If you wish to make changes of your booking, it may happens if it is requested by the customer in a timely manner and there is availability. We will make our best but we cannot guarantee that we are able to respond to all requests. Any modification - change to take effect must be in writing and must be confirmed by both parties. If changes result in additional costs, you will be informed in writing of the changes and costs that will be included in the amended contract as well as of the repayment.

If you wish to accommodate a person in addition to the initial reservation, provided that it does not exceed the maximum capacity, you must inform the company manager at least 3 days prior to his/her arrival and provide the details of this person.


Transfer of booking from client to other person is only permitted after written consent of diotema villas. If in our opinion the property is not suitable for the person or persons to whom you wish to transfer your reservation, we reserve the right to refuse the transfer. In case of non-fulfillment of the transfer conditions, your reservation will be considered invalid and you will have to pay the cancellation fees mentioned above.

8.3 Early departure In case of early departure the entire amount of the charge will be withheld.

9. Liability 


Diotema villas is not liable for any defect in the provision of services and for any personal injury or material damage resulting.


The diotema villas is not liable for the owner's inability to respond to the booking unless it is proved that the company was aware of - at the time of booking - the owner's inability. Our company diotema villa will make the best to serve our client and if the owner of the property cancels the reservation, we will take all necessary steps to find another appropriate property if there is available when this cancellation is notified.


The person responsible for making the booking shall be considered the liable for booking. It is also fully responsible for the members involved in the booking during their stay at the villa as well as for any damage or loss of the villa's equipment caused by them. The liable for booking must compensate our company and the property owner according to the law. 


The diotema villas and the owner of the villa are not responsible for any damage to vehicles or any property into them while they are parked in the courtyard.  


The diotema villas is not liable for any loss of money or valuables held by the person who made the booking and all persons referred to in the booking, as well as not responsible for any loss of key. Misuse of the key burdens the liable for booking according to the damage 


Our company is not liable in case of theft, injury or illness of guests, visitors or agents or for the loss or damage of any kind, as long as it was not the result of negligence by the villa or our employees.


The diotema villas bears no responsibility for the physical integrity of the tenants during their stay at the villa but also during their participation in experiences, actions or services agreed through our site or not or from brochures that will be available or distributed in the villa area. We provide information about the means of detention and various services in good faith. However, as far as it is information, we cannot accept any responsibility for any provider or any of the contractors or employees involved in an additional service neither  we are liable for any action that may harm you or the members of the booking. We are not liable for non-compliance with any agreement that you have agreed to be provided by other third party provider and have not respected. We are also not liable for the injuries, damages, expenses caused by these agreements. 


The person in charge of the diotema villas reserves the right at any time, when necessary, to enter the villa for any preventive control, such as electrical, hydraulic and general damage that may occur. Please check all electrical appliances when leaving. 


In case of non-compliance with this Regulation, the person in charge of our company may enter or, if necessary, contact the Tourist Police or the Police Authorities in general, who are obliged to provide all legal assistance and enforce the provisions of this Regulation.   


Note that some of our properties are in small islands with severe drought problems. Lack of electricity and water can occur in some areas. In such case, we will do everything we can to remedy the shortage or remedy the situation, but we cannot be held responsible for the suffering that these shortcomings can create.

10. Medical care 

Diotema villas do not provide any medical care. You are responsible to take care of yourself and the members traveling with you. If you need medical help during your holiday, you can contact with the local health services. The acceptance and cost of such treatment is your sole responsibility. Keep in mind that doctors may only know their mother tongue, local staff will be available to provide assistance and translation if needed, but we are not responsible for any aspect of the health care provided to you during your vacation. 

11. Insurance coverage 

The diotema villas do not provide you or other members you refer in the booking with insurance coverage. We recommend you, as a client, to take care of medical coverage, urban coverage, as well as repatriation insurance in case of an emergency or illness and other possible insurance coverage for you and other people who are with you. We emphasize that we are not responsible for any of your actions but also for members of your team.

12. Children 

Diotema villas will try to inform you about the appropriateness of the property for children. Keep in mind that the majority of houses have pools, stairs, terraces, balconies, railings or other hazards. Make sure your children are never left unattended. Parents, guardians or supervisors are the sole liable for the safety and behavior of their children. We understand that you may need a service to care for your child(s). We can get in touch with people who take care of children but their suitability and ability will be on your judgement and you will be responsible for your choice and any consequences. It is our company policy not to recommend or approve child care providers as we are unable to do so. You should also bear in mind that some babysitters do not have a certified pedagogical competence. We are not responsible for injuries - deaths resulting from non-compliance with the above requirements.

13. Disabled 

Please contact us before booking to confirm in writing whether or not the villa is suitable for the degree and type of disability - reduced mobility - or your needs. Some villas may not be suitable for your needs (eg stairs, lots of levels) and make your stay difficult. We will do our best to serve you and find the perfect villa.

14. Swimming Pools - Jacuzzi 


Swimming pools and jacuzzi are inherently hazardous. Children should always be under constant attention. Make sure you as accountable for booking and all the members that are with you have carefully checked and are aware of the depth and layout of the pool. Keep in mind that most pools are not fenced - protected. Be careful, the dimensions and depths are not always accurate. Running is prohibited around and outside the pool. Swimming under the influence of alcohol or after a meal with a full stomach is also forbidden. You should check the pool every day before use and report any obvious problems or defects to our staff.


We, the diotema villas company and the owner of the villa are not liable for any deaths or injuries resulting from the use or in connection with the pool.

We, the diotema villas company and the owner of the villa are not liable for any death or injury resulting from non-compliance with the above requirements and the regulations.

14.3 We diotema villas regularly check and maintain the pool for the excellent condition - operation and hygiene. However, as we are not on site 24 hours a day, we are not responsible for any misuse by our customers as well as the consequences they will have on the users themselves (eg if they urinate in the pool they will face possible infections, dermatitis, etc. caused by users themselves).

In case of deliberate or malicious use and contamination of the water, the person who made the booking is responsible for the costs of cleaning and restoration.

15. Damage


As the responsible for booking you bear the responsibility for any damage or loss caused by you or the persons mentioned in your booking. You are obliged to report the damage to our employees and to pay for the repair.

In case the damage is found after your departure without mentioning it, we reserve the right to request full compensation for the damage.

If the compensation is not paid, then the compensation that will be required will includes the satisfaction of claims and all legal costs incurred.


We take for granted the respect to other people as well as to the movable or immovable materials of the villa and the polite ways of conduct. In case of violation or non-compliance with the regulations, damages, disturbance to third parties (neighbors, employees etc), threatening or verbal abuse, abusive use of language or inappropriate or violent or all of the foregoing by a member or all the group located in villa, we have the right to terminate the contract and require you to leave the villa immediately. In this case we will not pay any compensation, refund or repatriation costs resulting from premature termination of the contract.

16. Force Majeure Natural - Extreme phenomena 

We take care for your stay to be calm, pleasant and safe. However we reserve the right to transfer you to another villa or even cancel your reservation due to unusual circumstances or force majeure. In such a case we will not pay you any compensation. Such conditions may be a damage to the public water supply or electricity network or severe weather events, such as e.g. floods, droughts, earthquakes or fires, or war or terrorist acts (and threats of them) or significant human health hazards, an unexpectedly closing of airport or port or whatever endangering the stay of both you and all your guests.

17. Pets 

Pets are not allowed, unless there is a special agreement that will be approved in writing by our company. 

18. Wildlife and the surrounding area 

We note that the majority of our homes are in rural areas, where animals - insects are part of the landscape such as trees and grass. For example flies, mosquitoes, wasps, bees, scorpions, ants but also birds, hens, cats, stray dogs, rodents, deer, goats, sheep etc is likely to appear. They are attracted to vegetation, humidity (pool) or other food items. We urge you not to leave any food left over and feed them. We are not responsible for any noise caused by the animals or any noise coming beyond the boundaries of the property. 

19. Quiet times 

Please observe the hours of rest (summer months from 15:00 to 17:30 and from 23:00 to 07:00) and don't make excessive noise that annoys neighbors or wildlife. 

20. Check in - Check out

Please note check-in and check-out hours. We will try to accept requests for late check in or late check out, but we cannot guarantee that your request will be acceptable.
Check in: 2pm
Check out: 11am

21. Smoking

No smoking is allowed inside the villas.

22. Complaints - problems

We work hard and try not to cause any problems in order to enjoy a pleasant and beautiful stay. However, if you need anything or want to complain, please do not hesitate to contact our staff or write on our website. As soon as you inform us, the sooner we will deal with it. We will be honestly sad if you leave unpleasant after your holiday.

23. Description of rental property

We visit and check every villa regularly. The information about each property is accurate as far as we know. We will let you know as soon as possible in case of significant property changes that could make your stay substantially different from the one you booked. We cannot be deemed responsible for any modifications to the property without having been informed by the owner. Keep in mind that the names we use for most real estate in our portfolio are fantastic and serve marketing purposes.